Weighted vests

What is a weight vest and what does it do?
The heavy vest is used as an aid in the treatment of sensory integration disorders at the work of a specialist or during classes at school, in kindergarten, or with homework at home. Children then experience many adverse effects, in particular problems with maintaining concentration, inability to focus on one task, excessive mobility, and sometimes also impulsiveness or aggression. These are the effects of a too weak or too strong reaction to stimuli coming from outside or inside the child's body. The weighted vest, as part of sensory therapy, is supposed to modulate the reception and processing of stimuli, and daily use brings extremely positive therapeutic effects. Regardless of whether the child is in a group that is maladjusted or adapted to interact with people with impaired sensory integration (e.g. integration classes in schools), they can use the vest during the day (according to the specialist's recommendation), which should speed up the therapy process.

What types of vests are there?
DAILY weighted vest
It is intended for everyday standard therapy - stimulation of deep feeling, calmness, relaxation, concentration during classes in kindergarten or school or during table work. It can also be worn while playing and simply as a normal piece of clothing during the day. The load depends on the given body weight. The vest is designed to accommodate a standard load (up to 5% of body weight). Inside the vest there are open pockets with pouches with weight. The vests should be worn tight, thanks to four ribbons on the inside, and fastened.

SPECIALIST weight vest
The vest is intended primarily for therapeutic and rehabilitation work in offices, centers, hospitals, schools, kindergartens and various types of exercise rooms, where it is necessary to use a short, strong pressure and there is a high rotation of patients. It is also perfect for the daily therapy of individual children who need extra weight. On the outside of the vest there are large opening pockets with weight pouches. This solution allows for the distribution of heavy loads (above the standard 5% of body weight) and facilitates its quick change without removing the vest. A lining is sewn inside the vest, which ensures a feeling of comfort during use. The applied welts help to adjust the vest to the body of the exerciser.

This model is also available with a clasp on the back.

What sizes are available?
Vests are sewn in several standard sizes. Due to the fact that each weight vest is prepared on site in our production plant, it is possible to sew it to order in a non-standard size.

What are they made of?
The weight vest is sewn from corduroy which, even after many washes, retains its structure, and the clothing remains neat and prepared for work with the patient.

What are they filled with?
In both types of vests, we put the right number of bags filled with natural gravel. In a daily vest, they weigh 100 g, while in a specialist one - 180 g.

Extra load?
Spare pouches are available for sale, needed with weight gain or therapeutic requirements. There are two types of filling to choose from: natural gravel and glass granules.

How to maintain them?
All vests can be washed in a washing machine, after removing the weighted pouches. Dry hung up.

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