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Weighted pillow
The weighted pillow is one of the most used sensory integration articles. The classic weighted pillow is primarily intended to provide local weight on the thighs or other parts of the body during sitting or lying exercises, allowing for the formation of correct responses to sensory stimuli.

It is also perfect for work at tables, in pedagogical or speech therapy. The optimal shape of the pillow is rectangular as it provides a variety of uses. Oeko-Tex® certified cotton fabric is used to make the pillow.
The heavy pillow is made in a standard size of 30 cm x 40 cm.
Depending on the needs of patients, its size can be adjusted to the individual needs of the client.
The filling is made of glass granules.
The load is prepared according to the given body weight or the therapist's recommendations.
Effects of use
Thanks to its properties, the sensory pillow normalizes the nervous system, calms down, relaxes, and strengthens body awareness and general motor coordination. It helps in maintaining concentration, learning, reading and writing. Properly selected weight of the sensory pillow helps to reduce the excessive amount of stress. The uniform color means that the pillow can be used by children with concentration disorders and hyperactivity, because it does not provide unnecessary stimuli.

It can be made of various materials, various combinations are available, optional materials include minky fleece, uniform cotton fabric, each of the materials is selected individually by the customer, which means that each has its own original and unique weight pillow.

Sensory pillows can be used in various situations, e.g.
While driving a car
While working at the computer
Children can use it during, for example:
Doing homework
Playing on the computer
Eat your meals
The weighted cushion is designed so that the load contained in it does not move over its entire surface. Both along and across it is stitched, which ensures not only good functionality but also an aesthetic appearance.

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