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What are shoulder collars and shoulder weights?
A collar or weight is placed over the shoulders and around the neck so that it has a weighting, soothing and calming effect on the person wearing it. Its task is to stimulate the proprioceptive system. Deep stimulation calms down and relaxes the body, as well as significantly improves concentration.

For whom?
The load flange is recommended, among others:

autistic people,
people with sensory integration disorders,
suffering from anxiety neurosis and obsessive compulsive disorder,
people struggling with depression or similar mental disorders,
people with post-traumatic stress disorder,
people who want relaxation and a moment for themselves.
In what situations do they help?
Shoulder collars and weights on the shoulders are used primarily during therapeutic activities, but also in everyday life. They are small in size, making them easy to pack into a bag and take on a trip. You can also use them during homework, computer work, table work, or during a meal. The optimal design of the product means that it does not disturb the person wearing it and does not restrict movement. The vast majority of collars or weights are used by children. Most often, parents list moments when they are used to focus the child's attention (it helps to divert the child's mind from troubled areas and direct him to the desired paths). Adults can use them in stressful situations, in moments of unexpected changes or in moments when a large number of stimuli from the environment is received.

How do they work?
The collar, the weight, works like a weighted blanket, it exerts a deep pressure on muscles, joints and tendons. In this way, it stimulates the sense of deep feeling. When put on the arms, it improves concentration, increases body awareness, and also calms down. It works great when you need to focus. Additionally, pressure on the trapezius muscle helps to loosen up and relax. It all depends on the individual preferences of the user. Regular wearing of the weight collar brings relief to children and adults who have problems with proper processing of stimuli, general motor coordination, and difficulties related to excessive excitability.

The collar loading the arms is available in several models, depending on the needs of the future user, and is filled with glass granules as standard.

Glass granules resemble sand. The most universal filling and the most frequently chosen by users. Glass granulate is a completely odorless, safe filling that is absolutely not able to damage the fabric.
The weight of the load is individually selected for each order.

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