Application and operation of WEIGHTED BLANKETS

The weighted blanket is generally used in the treatment of psychophysical disorders, such as, for example, sensory integration disorders, autism, Asperger's syndrome, Down's syndrome, ADHD. Increasingly, it is also recommended for use while resting or sleeping at night by people suffering from permanent stress, insomnia or burnout.

The blanket presses on the human body and stimulates the vestibular-proprioceptive system, responsible for the so-called feeling deep. The receptors of this system are found in muscles and tendons. It is thanks to them that we know how our limbs are arranged. The heavy quilt stimulates the proprioreceptors, making the person more aware of their body. The therapeutic blanket also improves focus and concentration, relaxes, calms down, reduces self-stimulating behavior and helps to combat anxiety and uncertainty.

Materials and maintenance

The therapeutic blanket is usually made of certified natural materials and does not cause allergic reactions. The duvet is not stiffened, it will fit freely to the shape of the body. The weighted blanket can be used for sleeping at night, just like a regular bedding blanket. The therapeutic quilt can be washed in water, but we recommend hand washing to avoid damaging the washing machine in particular, especially if the quilt is heavy. Unfolded drying is suggested. Using a washing machine or tumble dryer for quilt maintenance should be carried out with the use of precautionary measures and programs for delicate clothes, at low speed. The simplest solution, however, will be to use a duvet cover, because it can be easily removed, washed in the washing machine, ensuring proper hygiene of the duvet. Duvet covers and pillowcases are available in our store in the "Textiles and bedding" section. Due to its functions and properties, the selection of the appropriate load depends on several factors. A properly filled weighted blanket will have a positive effect on the receptors and will not cause too much pressure.

Product selection

Filling weight - the most recommended weight is 10-15% of body weight. A duvet purchased after another user may no longer be suitable. For example, a blanket that is too heavy will stimulate the receptors too much, thus giving an effect completely opposite to the intended one. However, too light - it will not work.
The size of the quilt should be adjusted primarily to the bedding in the house to guarantee hygiene and comfort of use.
The best basic material for a therapeutic quilt is cotton. The material should be airy and have the appropriate certificates.
The use of a specific quilt filling defines its effect on the body.
Each blanket is weighted quilted - most often these are squares measuring 10 x 10 cm. A filling is placed in the resulting chambers.

Glass granules - resembles sand. The most universal filling and the most frequently chosen by users. The blanket filled with it is suitable both for therapeutic applications as well as for everyday private use. Glass granulate is a completely safe filling, odorless and very delicate. Despite its dangerous-sounding name, it poses no threat.
Natural gravel - small pebbles with a diameter of 2 to 4 mm. A therapeutic blanket filled with it is widely used primarily in therapeutic facilities or during home exercises - rolling, wrapping, massaging. Litter, in addition to weighting the body, additionally stimulates the senses of touch and hearing (it makes delicate sounds when moving some models of blanket), helping in the treatment of sensory integration disorders.
Weighted blankets are a great tool complementing systematic therapy. Their use is in itself a form of sensory therapy, so it will be an additional help in case of various types of psychophysical disorders. In addition, the sensory blanket can be successfully used by adults who are stressed, "burned out with work", do not sleep well or feel tired when waking up in the morning. The weighted blanket has a positive effect on the quality of sleep and rest. Following the basic rules of using heavy duvets will certainly improve the quality of sleep.

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