What are sensory pillows?
Sensory pillows are equally sized elements that allow children to walk with bare feet or are used as weighted pillows or giant sensory pouches.

What is their function?
The primary task of the sensory pillows is to create an alternative to the sensory path. However, the pillows are multifunctional and apart from walking on them like on a path, its individual elements are used. So they can be knee pads, head cushions, or multi-colored elements scattered on the floor creating an obstacle course. So the basic task of pillows is to develop the sense of touch, learn colors and recognize weight. Walking or jumping with bare feet on sensory cushions develops balance and mobility, having a huge impact on high motor skills. It teaches the child eye-hand coordination and concentration. It massages the receptors in the feet, which has a significant effect on the entire body. It helps to correct foot defects, improves blood circulation and stimulates the muscles of the feet to work. Children can touch the pillows with their hands, which additionally stimulates the sense of touch and massages the hands. Older children can use the knee or head pillows as weighted pillows.

Where are they used?
Sensory pillows are very popular. How many products in the "Sensory Products" category can be used in many different places. It is primarily used in treatment rooms for sensory integration disorders, but also in kindergartens, schools and various educational institutions. Everyone can buy a set of sensory pillows for home and use them to stimulate the child's development.

How are they made?
The sensory pillow set consists of 8 squares of equal size, each of them made of a different color of cotton (Oeko-Tex® certificate).
Each square measures 28 x 28 cm. Everything is stored in a neon bag, keeping the pillows tidy and clean. Using completely safe elements as filling makes it possible to wash squares in water.

What's inside?
The elements used as filling are completely safe for the user and are very diverse. Each pillow has a different weight. Thanks to the use of fillings that can be successfully soaked, the pillows can also be used under water. Examples of fillings: - stones of various sizes, sharp and oval - sand - glass granules - polystyrene - grit - cherry and grape seeds - buckwheat hulls - plastic granules.

Additional elements
As an interesting alternative to classic filled sensory pillows, you can use ready-made blank squares fastened with Velcro. It is the same color set, only unfilled. This set is called sensory opening pillows. Everyone individually fills the squares with any products. All this to constantly stimulate the child's senses and develop his imagination. You can buy ready-made spare bags with various fillings for refilling your pillows. The child, walking on the sensory pillows, can additionally hold mini sensory pillows in their hands, deceptively similar to standard pillows. Thus, the hands can recognize the same filling elements as the feet.

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