Nie znaleziono produktów spełniających podane kryteria.

What is this?
A multifunctional product prepared to stimulate all senses, but also used for the simplest gymnastic exercises. Despite the various applications, these products belong to the group of sensory bags due to their wide range of use and specific properties.

What are the types?
The bags can be divided into two groups of products: 1 / exercise bags 2 / sensory bags.

Exercise pouches
The first group includes products sewn from cotton of solid colors with a size of 10 x 15 cm. The filling is natural gravel and glass granules. The use of these particular fillings gives customers the opportunity to choose between very different structures, and at the same time makes it easier to keep the bags clean. Each of them can be washed in water. These are classic pouches used primarily in schools and kindergartens during physical education lessons and corrective gymnastics, as well as by teachers in other educational institutions.

Sensory pouches
They are made in the size of 10 x 15 cm, from a variety of fabrics, significantly different in texture. Inside, however, there are fillings of a much different shape and weight (e.g. pebbles, buttons, polystyrene balls, sand). The use of this type of filling allows customers to choose between significantly different structures, and at the same time makes it easier to keep the bags clean. Each bag can be washed in water. The bags stimulate all the senses to work, develop the child, his imagination and satisfy the need to explore the world. Sensory pouches are also an integral part of the therapy of sensory integration disorders. The brain then works intensively, creates new nerve connections and reacts in a manner appropriate to the situation. Working with sensory pouches, we not only have a positive impact on the child's development, but also help them better understand the surrounding world and teach them how to function safely in it.

The common advantage of all bags is the possibility of creating unlimited sets of them, and thanks to their small size they take up little space in the room.
Vest-Pol has never decided to use art. food such as groats or peas precisely due to the need to maintain the hygiene of products, often used by many patients.

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