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What is a WEIGHTED BLANKET for CHILDREN and how does it apply?

The weighted blanket is used primarily as a support in the therapy of psychophysical disorders such as sensory integration disorders, autism, Asperger's syndrome, Down's syndrome, and ADHD. Increasingly, it is also recommended for daily rest or sleep.

The blanket gently presses on the human body and stimulates the vestibulo-proprioceptive system, responsible for deep feeling (sense of orientation of one's own body position). The receptors of this system are found in muscles and tendons. It is thanks to them that we know how our limbs are arranged. The weighted blanket stimulates the proprioreceptors, making the person more aware of their body. The therapeutic blanket also improves focus and concentration, relaxes, calms down, reduces self-stimulating behavior and helps to combat anxiety and uncertainty.

Sensory blankets very pleasant to the touch, pleasant to the eye and elegant. Suitable for every age group, and with colors and designs that suit all tastes, especially children. The freedom to create your own sets makes it possible to prepare an absolutely personalized product. They are also very eagerly bought as a gift.

In order to obtain the best therapeutic effects, it is also recommended to cover the child with a blanket, eg during an afternoon nap, watching TV, reading, table work or while simply resting under a blanket. When choosing a color scheme, we must first of all provide the child with full psychological comfort, in order to encourage him to use it regularly. Due to its functions and properties, the selection of the appropriate load depends on several factors. A properly filled weighted blanket will have a positive effect on the receptors and will not cause too much pressure.

How is it made?

The weighted blanket is made of 100% cotton on one side and soft minky plush on the other side (Oeko-Tex® certified). The use of such fabrics guarantees the quality and durability of the product. The quilt is usually quilted in 10 x 10 cm squares. There is an appropriate amount of weight in the center of each compartment. The duvet does not have any insulating layer inside. The blanket are hand-sewn and made to individual order. The blanket is not stiffened, it adjusts freely to the shape of the child's body, which is why it is so important to choose the right size. The weighted blanket can be used for sleeping at night, just like a regular bedding blanket.

What is it filled with?

Depending on the needs of users and therapeutic recommendations, we have several fillings to choose from. Blanket filling is one of the key factors determining the success of the therapy.

Available fillings:

glass granules - resembles sand, so the quilt is filled with it is soft and delicate. Universal filling, for everyone who needs, above all, additional weights

natural gravel - small, round pebbles (2 - 4 mm), perceptible through the fabric, making almost inaudible sounds (slight crunching) when moving the quilt. A blanket filled with natural gravel can be successfully used for rolling, wrapping, massaging or pressing the body, giving additional tactile stimuli and additional stimulation. You can walk on it with bare feet.

Product selection

The load is prepared according to the given body weight or the given specific weight of the blanket. We always ask you to provide us with any recommendations of the therapist in the comments in order to prepare the appropriate product.

Fill weight - 10 to 15% of body weight is the most commonly recommended weight. A duvet bought after another child may no longer be suitable. For example, a blanket that is too heavy will stimulate the baby's receptors too much, thus giving an effect completely opposite to the intended one. However, too light - it will not work.
The size of the blanket should be adjusted to the child's height. The optimal solution is to buy a duvet that is approx. 20-30 cm larger than the child's height, so that you can freely cover his legs during sleep. For example, a 100x150 cm blanket will be suitable for a child measuring 110-120 cm.
The best basic material for a therapeutic quilt is cotton. The material should be airy and have the appropriate certificates.
The use of a specific blanket filling defines its effect on the body.

How to preserve?

The blanket with each of the mentioned fillings can be washed in water. Light duvets can also be washed in the washing machine (recommended precautions), while heavier ones are not. There are maintenance symbols on the label next to the product. We recommend hand washing as standard, as we do not take responsibility for the technical condition of the washing machine and the permissible load capacity. Drying - disassembled or in a tumble dryer, with precautionary measures and using the program for delicate products. We recommend frequent flapping to speed up the drying and refreshing process. Minky fabric must not be ironed.

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