Weights for arms / legs and weights for wrists
It is a convenient and universal therapeutic product that can be used interchangeably as leg weights or as hand weights. The product is made of cotton or nylon fabric. The fabrics used are Oeko-Tex® certified. Wrist weights are made of cotton only. There are several colors of cotton to choose from. It is more pleasant to the touch than cool and slippery nylon. Ortalion is a slightly less friendly material, but it can be successfully used in facilities with a high rotation of users. The set consists of a pair of weights. They are fastened with comfortable Velcro, thanks to which their circumference is adjustable and can be easily adapted to individual needs. The use of Velcro ensures that they adhere well to the body, even during sudden movements. Wrist weights have a sewn-in elastic band for a custom fit. For the convenience and comfort of use, weights are prepared in two versions:

load removable (bags with load are removable, so you can freely change the weight of the load),
load sewn in permanently.
Weights can be filled with glass granules (in the case of permanently sewn up) or natural gravel (in the case of using removable bags with a load).

The weight of the load is selected individually to the needs of each client.
Application and Benefits
Hand weights or leg weights are used during the therapy of sensory integration disorders, making it easier to practice proper motor coordination and train proper motor skills and movement planning. Thanks to this help, the muscles of the limbs and shoulders are strengthened. It is also possible to shape the correct posture. Products of this type can also be used by physical education teachers as a supplement to correctional activities at school, as well as during table work. Weights for arms and legs can be used by people who love sports. They help to increase the condition and endurance of the muscles. An additional advantage is the possibility of wearing them interchangeably both on the hands and on the legs.

For permanent load weights, it is recommended to hand wash the entire product. The removable load should be removed from the weight before washing. Weights made of nylon can be cleaned directly with professional cleaning agents.

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