Baby weighted sleeping bag FUN LIGHT (patterned cotton, no filler)

Baby weighted sleeping bag is a perfect solution for every baby who sleeps restlessly and moves while sleeping in a crib. It has been sewn so as to provide the child with the greatest comfort during use. This is why the children’s sleeping bag resembles a vest sewn at the bottom and fastened with a zipper. The little baby in the sleeping bag stalls only the head and hands outside. Such a method ensures optimal heating for the child, making it not cold during sleep at night, and the child is covered all the time while lying in the sleeping bag. Thanks to this, you don’t have to worry about baby getting cold, which sleeps at the right temperature all night long.

The children’s sleeping bag has another, extraordinary advantage. It is related to the safety of the baby. The advantage of the children’s sleeping bag is evidenced by the fact that the baby can’t put it on its head during sleep. Thanks to this, you can safely get rid of the fear that there will be inconveniences that will not allow your child to breathe properly. Baby sleeping bag is a safe option for a baby.

A baby using a sleeping bag when sleeping will not turn so easily onto the belly. This is definitely an advantage when the child can’t raise his head well and could have a problem turning back to the right position.

Weighted sleeping bag gently presses on the child’s body, giving him a sense of closeness and cover, similar to the one he had in his mother’s stomach. Thanks to this, the sense of emotional security of a child is significantly increased, which falls asleep in an environment similar to the one from which it comes.

Vest-Pol’s sleeping bag has a zip fastener with a safety catch that prevents the slider from being caught while sleeping. In addition, the slider has the protection that prevents the zipper from unzipping, so that we can be sure that the sleeping bag will not unzip during the child’s sleep.

You can buy our sleeping bag in three sizes:

  • The height of the sleeping bag is 56 cm
  • The height of the sleeping bag is 70 cm
  • The height of the sleeping bag is 90 cm
  • The height of the sleeping bag is 110 cm

Material: 100% cotton


  • Glass granules – Glass granules resemble sand in touch. It looks like micro glass beads but is made of polypropylene. Completely safe and odorless.
    The filling is only at the front of the sleeping bag. Exactly on the layer where the zipper is located.

The product label includes instructions for washing the sleeping bag.
The sleeping bag can be washed by hand using water and delicate detergents, and it should be dried in a dry and ventilated place on a flat surface, unfolded.


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