It has been used for thousands of years in the Far East, particularly in Japan, to fill pillows and mattresses. Due to its structure, the buckwheat husk ensures a natural flow of air between the husks.

Products filled with it are perfect for sleeping. The skin does not sweat excessively as it can breathe freely throughout the night. Buckwheat hull - a natural hypoallergenic material - is also an excellent solution for allergy sufferers. It owes its properties to the presence of tannins, an organic compound that has anti-inflammatory properties and blocks the growth of bacteria, mold, fungi and microorganisms such as mites.

The shell conforms to the body and moves so there is no constant pressure on any part of the body. It is a natural mechanism to prevent bedsores, but it will also be perfect for long periods of computer work as extra support for the back. Since there is no direct body resistance, contact with the extremely soft surface of a pillow or mat has a calming and relaxing effect before going to bed. The mobility allows the cuticles to relieve tension in the neck area, which in turn has a positive effect on the quality of sleep - it helps you sleep deeper and more peacefully.


They are a natural material that perfectly retains heat or cold, depending on your needs. Products filled with it were used in medicine as warming or cooling compresses. They are perfect for rheumatism or muscle pain, reducing neck tension and helping to calm down and relax.

A hot water bottle filled with seeds is a natural way to get rid of many uncomfortable and annoying ailments, both in babies and in adults. Thanks to its universal structure, it adapts to any body shape. The heat emitted has a relaxing effect on the deep abdominal muscles and helps with painful cramps, indigestion or stomach problems.

At the same time, depending on your needs, a cold pack in the form of a hot water bottle is a great solution for all types of pain. The cold water bottle constricts the blood vessels, which reduces internal swelling in a specific area. The filling in the form of natural seeds provides even cooling of the sore spots, without the possibility of accidental frostbite. These properties are due to the cherry pits, which never clump together in the fridge and always give the pillow a pleasant coolness.


Mustard seeds is mainly associated with mustard. However, besides their basic use in cooking, mustard seeds also have great healing properties. It is recommended for internal and external use for many ailments and diseases.

Mustard seeds are recommended for use in the form of compresses for pain associated with rheumatoid arthritis, root pain or rheumatic pain.

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